Altrincham chef spikes Vegan food with sense of humour

An image to depict the uproar caused by a chef who spiked Vegan food.

A head chef in Altrincham faces financial ruin following comments he made on Facebook, pissing off thousands of Vegan warriors in the process.

Laurence Badman, head chef at The Meaty Treat Inn, Altrincham, decided to lay the smack-down to all Vegan luvvies on Facebook following a dramatic night catering for a group of unnecessarily disgruntled leaf eaters.

He posted in the, now world famous, The Boring Group on Facebook, ‘A group of judgemental, moaning Vegans have been in all night and have left thinking they still don’t have a sense of humour’.

After hundreds of angry response  by other group members. he went on to say, ‘Fuck off you tree hugging cunts. Their Vegan food was spiked with some of the best, quality jokes ever created. They might even get home and crack a smile’.

Restaurant forced to close after protests

Following leaked comments from the group to Metro Newspaper, a hoard of angry Vegan warriors with nothing better to do attacked the restaurant’s Facebook and Trip Advisor pages with thousands of one star reviews, forcing the owners to close the doors in fear of their own safety.

In a statement released by the chefs solicitor, Mr Badman said, “A group of the miserable feckers came in and immediately started rolling their eyes at another customer tucking into a spag bol. After intensely interrogating one of the waitresses to enquire if all the meat options had meat in we’d had enough, so me and the other lads in the kitchen cracked jokes directly into their food all the way through preparing it. Sorry, not sorry”.

Outraged Vegans have been in a state of hysteria since the news first broke and extremely high levels of preaching are expected throughout the Altrincham area. If you know a Vegan, experts have advised you mute them on social media until it all blows over and they have something else to moan about.

2 Comments on “Altrincham chef spikes Vegan food with sense of humour”

  1. As a vegan, I’m hilariously offended by this article!

    On one hand, it’s completely true on the other hand…well, I’m not one of “those vegans”.

    Please don’t mute me :p

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