Altrincham folk rejoice as the 263 bus arrives on time for first time since its inception

An image showing the 263 bus arriving on time

There were scenes of jubilation on Manchester Road today as the 263 bus from Altrincham to Manchester finally arrived on time for the first time since its inception.

A video uploaded to Facebook showing the 263 bus arriving on time has been viewed over 100,000 times in just a few hours. An ecstatic commuter who uses the 263 bus daily quickly filmed the unexpected on time arrival using her iPhone 5. Other commuters could be seen high fiving, dancing and hugging with tears of joy streaming down their faces.

Following the hysteria created around her video, Ivana Beonn-Thyme went live on her first break and had an emotional message for all her followers, “I’m just completely overwhelmed right now. I’ve stood waiting for six hours a day, five times a week for a bus that’s supposed to turn up every ten minutes for as long as I can remember. This morning was the first time in recent memory I got to work on time without having to hit legs like Mo Farah or setting off after my tea the night before. It’s an emotional time. Thanks for all the messages of goodwill, likes and shares guys”.

Arriva gushing with pride after 263 bus performance

A spokesperson for Arriva Bus said, “Showing up on time once today shows our commitment to improving time management. Our freezing cold, fuming as fuck, loyal customers are always paramount in our thoughts. All the hard work is finally paying off and I confidently expect us to hit our 2022 target of nine buses on time per week.”

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