Big Brother axed from summer and replaced with Big Non Binary Gender Sibling alternative

An image to depict Big Brother being axed

It survived the chop from Channel 4, rising from the ashes for a last minute reprieve on Channel 5, however Big Brother could not escape the clutches of 2018’s gender neutral crusade and this summer’s civilian edition will be the last time it graces our screens.

Big Brother is to be replaced with a show more befitting of 2018’s snowflake storm and will be renamed Big Non Binary Gender Sibling, kicking off with a double whammy of civilian and celebrity versions in the Autumn.

Gender removed from the famous house

All gender related themes will be removed from the house with only non gender identified contestants allowed to enter for the first season.

A Big Brother source said, “We could see it coming, we knew we’d probably gone too far encouraging contestants to binge drink and fuck each other live on TV for all those years, which is why we tried to rectify our mistake with an old school version of the show this year that had actual credibility. Unfortunately, since the easily offended broke through the great wall in the north, the show’s existence has been a ticking time bomb. The snowflake storm is likely to last for many years and producers were left with no choice but to offer an alternative. We’ll strive to make Big Non Binary Gender Sibling the greatest possible success”.

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