Farage calls for second referendum after romantic weekend break with EU President

An image to depict Nigel Farage asking for second referendum

Nigel Farage, the former UKIP leader and hater of all things European, has sensationally called for a second referendum on the UK’s EU membership after a romantic weekend get away with European Council President Donald Tusk. 

The local pub loving mouth piece was forced into a rethink on his stance on the UK’s relationship with the EU after it was revealed under any Brexit agreement no former UK MEPs would be entitled to carry on claiming their lucrative pension.

With the prospect of having to get a proper job looming, Mr Farage’s love for the EU has risen to an all time high and  Donald Tusk wasted no time in springing a surprise invitation for a romantic weekend for two in the south of France.

Farage says we need second referendum

Following a weekend of hot tubs, champagne and continental lagers, Mr Farage has declared Britain must give serious consideration to a second referendum.

“After spending such a lovely weekend away and falling head-over-heels with Donald, I think I may have got these guys wrong. He’s already given me my own key, it’s definitely the real thing and I would now urge everyone in the UK to consider whether a second referendum is better for our country. I think it is”.

It’s only a couple of months since Mr Farage split with his former lover Donald Trump, and there are some that think his new found love with Donald Tusk is nothing but a rebound relationship. However, Mr Farage still plans to meet with Tony Blair next week to see how he can help out in the campaign for a second referendum.

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