Theresa May reveals ‘ball bag face’ jokes cease in Brexit negotiations

An image to show the difficulty in Brexit negotiations

After a year of Brexit negotiations there was finally a huge breakthrough today when European leaders agreed to stop mocking Theresa May’s face for its striking resemblance to male geriatric genitalia.

EU President Jean Claude Juncker said ” Anyone who has made it to the summit of UK politics with an elderly scrotum for a face deserves our most utmost respect – after the latest round of Brexit negotiations all 27 member states committed to cease referring to her as the old ball bag. Its a significant step forward”.

Good times for the Prime Minister

Mrs May was visibly delighted with the breakthrough.

“To be able to sit down with the other 27 member states without a single snigger at my mush shows how much progress has been made in Brexit negotiations this week. Together, without any further piss taking, we can continue to build a new future with Britain no longer a part of the European Union, but very much a part of Europe”.

With the many issues she’s facing back home running the Downing Street children’s creche it’s little wonder the Prime Minister is in such good spirits, these have been troubling times for the PM, and at least there’s been the faintest of light at the end of the tunnel.

Comrade Corbs unimpressed by progress

In a cutting, no holds barred interview given from the socialist’s luxury eight bedroom, 4 bathroom mansion he had this to say,

“There’s more chance of Diane Abbot winning a national mental arithmetic contest than the Right Honourable lady getting us a good deal from the ongoing Brexit negotiations. Yes, they may have agreed to rein in the scrotum jokes, but there has been no solution found whatsoever where trade agreements are concerned”.

Negotiations with the PM continue tomorrow where she hopes to secure a deal to transfer Boris Johnson in a player-plus-cash deal.

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