Government to roll out new pout tax to help combat UK posing epidemic

An image to show the pout epidemic

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to announce a new pout tax to help combat the posing epidemic that has took the UK by storm.

To to help ease the public’s worries, the Prime Minister said she had been left with little choice but to tackle the problem in the strongest possible manner, as what was first considered a stupid phase has now turned into an all out baboons-arse-fest throughout the land of social media.

In a statement delivered outside 10 Downing Street she said, “What started out as a bit of casual posing here and there has ended in an absolute piss take of a situation. It was bad enough when the outbreak first hit young girls, but now it has spread into middle aged women and some men we’ve had to draw a line and say enough is enough. From now on it’s pay as you pout”.

All posing to come under greater scrutiny

The one hand on hip, head tilted slightly to one side pose is also set to come under new regulation by the end of September, with forced pre night-out photos of partners against a living room door backdrop expected to come under greater scrutiny by early 2019.

A recent UK wide study revealed that two out of five people are now posing gimps, and it appears the surviving members of the public have finally had their fill.

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