Intensive ginger breeding programme agreed to prevent ginger extinction

An image to show ginger extinction

An intensive ginger breeding programme has been given the go ahead as conservationists seek to halt the threat of ginger extinction.

Conservationists are looking for gingers of all shades, taking them out of their natural habitat and into conservation centres where they will be placed into an intensive breeding programme in the hope of boosting dwindling ginger numbers.

After Prince Harry, Paul Scholes and Ed Sheeran brought gingers into the mainstream, attitudes have changed and taking a ginger partner isn’t seen as quite as taboo as it was previously. Traditionally, in years gone by ginger families were plentiful, but with inter ginger love now at its all time peak the ginger gene is in decline and numbers are dropping rapidly.  

Ginger extinction a very real threat

Altrincham conservationist Samuel Le Plant warns the threat of ginger extinction is a very real one, “Think about it, when was the last time you seen an exclusively ginger family? They’re like gold dust these days, which is why there has been such a massive decline in ginger numbers. Inter ginger breeding has meant the red gene has almost been filtered out of society, with most of the world’s red gene carriers now living in Scotland we must be committed to increasing numbers elsewhere. Without affirmative action we could all be part of a generation that sees ginger extinction, believe me when I say it has already begun”.

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