Prince William set to play John McClane in Die Hard reboot

An image depicting Prince William

Prince William proudly showed off his newly shaved bald napper today and sensationally revealed he is to take over the role of John McClane from Bruce Willis in the new Die Hard reboot set for release mid July 2019.

After briefly flirting with a career in the Royal Air Force, Prince William is set to embark on an acting career whilst he’s waiting about to assume the throne. With the Queen expected to live well into her hundred and fifties and his father next in line before him, the Prince has found himself increasingly bored, and after three acting lessons declared himself ready for the big screen.

Prince William confident about playing iconic role

The gushing, baldy Prince feels confident he can pull of the role made famous by Bruce Willis and seems to be pulling out all the stops to make sure it’s a roaring success.

“Obviously in one’s time spent with the Royal Air Force I’ve flew helicopters, wore uniforms and stuff, bloody hell, once I crawled in the mud with one’s subjects. Once one noticed one’s hair falling out quicker than Grand Papa Phil and Fergie at a family get together I fancied my chances as the next big action movie hero. When I heard there was to be a Die Hard reboot it was like a no brainer yaaaah. I’m sure I can do a better job of it than that Bruce fellow previously”.

The Die Hard reboot is set for release in mid July 2019 and the Prince has already been hard at work to practice on his American accent, “Luckily with my little bro being such good chums with the Obamas I’ve been able to practice lots over Skype.  Michelle says it’s coming on well which is just spiffing”.

The Die Hard reboot is set for release summer 2019 in all good cinemas.

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