Government releases 25 year plan to recycle the homeless

An image to show the Prime Minister's recycle the homeless scheme.

As part of her 25 year commitment to tackle the environmental issues facing the UK and the rest of the world, Theresa May launched her ‘recycle the homeless’ initiative.

The Prime Minister has declared war on what she describes as the “biggest litter on our streets”, and her 25 year plan aims to completely eradicate homeless people from UK streets for good, but campaign groups warned the PM’s aspirations for a homeless free society must be backed up by strong legislation.

How to recycle the homeless

Under the new scheme, members of the public would be able to pick up a homeless person from the street and take them to a local recycling centre where they can be exchanged for cash.

The ‘street cleanser’ as it is popularly known in West Minster, works by recycling the homeless into top end cat and dog food, which will then be distributed to pet loving MPs.

The Prime Minister said “The homeless problem now facing the UK has reached epidemic status, and with MPs unwilling to cap their over inflated wages, unnecessary wars that need to be fought, and the lack of quality pet food at a reasonable price, recycling the homeless is by far the best course of action for our great country”.

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