Miserable Whining Society of Snowflakes call for all TV pre 2018 to be banned

An image to depict snowflakes trying to ban Friends

The Miserable Whining Society of Snowflakes are calling for all TV pre 2018 to be banned as inappropriate. The sensitive, moaning, little cunt rags are on a crusade to outlaw all jokes from the world, starting with our beloved sitcoms from days past.

The fact that they weren’t even born when the programmes were first filmed, and have no real reason for watching them doesn’t deter the delicate snowflake scourge from trying to ruin the fun for everyone else.

Far from it, petitions are currently being spread around here, there and everywhere – with more touchy, easily offended spunk-trumpets signing up by the day.

Fat Monica was the final straw for snowflakes

Following the release of the Friends box set on Netflix, the Miserable Whining Society of Snowflakes (MWSS) have been scouring through all ten seasons with a fine tooth comb in their thousands, making a list of the many jokes they now deem to be inappropriate in a jokeless world.

Netflix have reportedly received hundreds of thousands of complaints specifically about fat Monica. Although at first they agreed to remain tight lipped on the subject to avoid kicking the snowflakes nest any further, patience finally ran out today and they released this statement.

“It was a time when being fat wasn’t seen as having an illness, and identifying as a thin person when you’re fat as fuck wasn’t a thing yet. It was deemed as something you had done to yourself by nutritional mismanagement. Instead of sitting around on your arse in front of a computer screen fighting to have all fat jokes banned, people went on diets and changed their lifestyle to lose weight and improve their health. This is precisely what Monica did, you could learn a lot you lazy fuckwits. Although we simply cannot understand your specific kind of crazy, we do admire your total commitment to it”.

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  1. Friends was and still is my all time favourite tv show. I couldn’t believe what i was hearing millennials saying about it. Sure the jokes are outdated by societies standards today but getting offended by the 20 year old jokes is pathetic. It’s not like the writers sat down and asked themselves how can really upset people 20 years from now? Grow up snowflakes! Friends is a sit com classic! Why must you try and ruin everything?! This is why we can’t have nice things!!! /flips table

    Also great post again, as always 🙂

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