Trump says UK is just a turd rolled in glitter as he cancels US embassy opening

AN image to depict Trump cancelling his US embassy opening

After revealing his list of shit house countries due to be added to the ‘no fuckin’ chance’ US immigration list, Donald Trump reacted angrily to negative UK press coverage by promptly cancelling his planned US embassy opening.

The President was due to  open the new US embassy building next month, however he threw his Big Macs out of the pram and flatly refused to attend the US embassy opening after hearing of negative UK press coverage concerning his racist outburst at an Oval Office meeting.

US Embassy opening trashed by Trump

In an interview aired on Fox News it was clear the President’s piss had reached boiling point when he was asked how he felt about the negative reaction on the other side of the pond.

Trump fumed, “The UK is so full of fake news right now, like so full, fuller than you can possibly imagine in your whole entire life. I mean it’s like totally super full, a lot of great people have told me how totally super full it is and how I’m  totally right about how full of fake news the UK is because I said it totally. The UK is just a turd rolled in glitter anyway, I won’t be opening that shit hole building”.

An image to depict Donald Trump cancelling his planned US embassy opening

When pressed on his comments about banning immigration from shit hole countries he snapped, “Preferring and only trusting white people from predominantly white countries does not make me a racist in my book. I own many black people that will tell you I’m the least racist person you could ever meet in the world ever”.


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