U OK hun founder Sharon Dramarama awarded CBE in New Year Honours list

An image to show th U OK hun emergency service

U OK hun emergency service founder Sharon Dramarama is to be awarded the CBE for her dedication to spreading unnecessary drama throughout the world of social media.

The U OK emergency service has fast become the go to place for attention seeking gimps who regularly post cryptic bollocks on Facebook, seeking to be inundated with messages and the opportunity to tell you they don’t want to talk about it.

Sharon Dramarama who launched the Facebook sensation from her bedroom was visibly thrilled when announcing the news, “I just can’t believe it, what an honour it is to be recognised by Her Majesty The Queen. When I first started U OK hun I was looking for a bit of attention, whilst having a not so sly dig at someone I was shagging at the time, when I saw all the gullible, nosy simpletons clambering to shower me with concern I knew I’d discovered something big”.

Record amount of hugs sent since U OK hun service began

There have been over six billion hugs sent since the U OK hun emergency service first opened it’s digital doors, and they now rank an incredible second behind the Amens sent to Jesus to cure the sick child.

Mrs Dramarama was gushing with pride, “Can anyone even remember being sent a hug before I launched U OK hun? I’m so proud to know that I’ve been instrumental in people sending virtual hugs to whingeing knobs they were only initially looking for gossip on.  I mean, it’s so much more efficient than picking up the phone and actually having to speak to some miserable, moaning twat for real innit?”.

High hopes for 2018

The U OK hun emergency service continues to go from strength to strength with attention seeking more popular than ever before.

Millions of shit stains have been preparing their super beggy New Years Day posts for months, thank goodness we all have a service we can all rely on.

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