Calls for investigation to find out where the babies of UK mothers are going

An image to depict UK mothers missing their babies

UK Mothers are desperately seeking any information regarding their lost babies by posting pictures of them from years ago all over social media

Millions of mothers are posting daily, pleading for details of the whereabouts of their young children, but calls for police to get involved have fallen on deaf ears.

No help from Scotland Yard for UK mothers

A statement from Scotland Yard confirmed, “The children aren’t actually missing in a criminal investigation sense. The missing babies in question have now grown into teenagers and sometimes adults. It’s usually a case of the mother being a bit bored and looking for an excuse to post an old photo of them at the time. It is also often used a thinly veiled reminder to the offspring that they haven’t called home in a while. Just scroll past, there is nothing to worry about”.

U OK hun emergency service founder Sharon Dramarama was left highly unimpressed by the attitude of Scotland Yard, “This is a real concern for social media addicted UK mothers”, she said, “the police need to take this more seriously, I mean, where are all these babies going? Something isn’t right I’m telling you. Thank God you can rely on my team of nosy bastards if you need someone to talk to that’s all I can say”.

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